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Welcome to the Group!!

Welcome to SemeLadies-Ukeboys! What this group is about is for dominate females and submissive males. It's all about the role reversal. So let's play nice and have a wonderful time. Just be sure to follow the rules posted here before you join and submit, repeated violation of these rules will result in a permanent ban from the group:

1. Must submit to the right folders only!
2. No rape art.
3. All characters must be 18 or older. No lolicon/shotacon art.
4. Nudity and sexual images are permitted but only if they follow DA policies.
5. Yaoi/Yuri are welcome so long they're submitted into the right folders only!
6. No photography or cosplay. Fictional character art only!
Update from the old group Q&A

"What is SemeLadies-UkeBoys about?"

SemeLadies-UkeBoys is all about the women on top and the guys on the bottom. It's not just about feminine dominance. If you fancy feminine males in some sort of relationship with lovely, older, taller women, that is what SL-UB is all about.

"Does the uke males/bottom boys have to be femboys?"

Not always. We do allow masculine bottoms too.

"But aren't femboys gay?"

No, not all of them. Feminine males are of any sexual orientation, be they straight, gay, bi, pan, trans, etc. However our group is mostly aimed at straight, bi, or pansexual femboys with females. However we still do allot gay femboys in this group but please be sure to submit at the right folders here.

"Do you allow shotacon/lolitacon?"

Trick question but no. We would like our women and bottom males 18 years old or older. dA doesn't allow adult/child porn and we don't either. So please, have all character be 18 years or older if depicted in sexual manner or not. We also don't allow "Boku no Pico" fanart.

"Do you allow yaoi/yuri pairings or just hetero?"

We do allow yaoi and yuri here, just be sure to have them in the right folders please.

"Do you allow futanari or transsexual characters?"

Not really on board on futarani here but it can be allowed here. Just posted it in the "Herm" folder only.  Futanari and actual transsexual characters are two different beings.

"Do you allow S&M/bondage art here?"

Of course we do. It goes in the "Yes My Mistress" folder if anything else. But if it's yaoi/yuri S&M/bondage, then it goes into the yaoi/yuri folder please. "Yes my Mistress" is for hetero S&M only. Though not everything in the folder is S&M play.

"Can I submit XXX smut here?"

Yes so long as it's censored prior to dA's policies.

"I would love to join, may I join please?"

All are welcome to SemeLadies-UkeBoys All you have to do is press the "join" button. :D Just please be nice to our members and follow our simple rules. We love to have you here.

"My submission was rejected. Why is that?"

Perhaps because it either is submitted to the wrong folder or it doesn't belong in this group at all. Please be sure to look over what you're submitting to this group.

"What folders go where?"

Featured - Don't know what goes where? You may post here and we may sort it out later.

Seme Females/Dominate Women - Only seme females go here. But please, don't submit just any female ecchi art here if they truly don't belong in it.

Uke Males/Submissive Guys - Only straight/bi/pan submissive males go here. Please don't just submit any male ecchi art here if they truly don't belong in it.

Romance - Non-ecchi/hentai romantic art between maleXfemale pairings. If it is ecchi/hentai and it seems romantic, it may go here then.

Yes, My Mistress - Dominate female x submissive male only art. Can be erotic or S&M.

Yaoi Seme Only - Gay or Bi dominate males in a same-sex male pairing go here. Must only be the top/seme kind.

Yuri Seme Only - Lesbian or Bi dominate females in a same-sex female pairing go here. Must only be the top/seme kind.

Yaoi Ukes Only - Gay or Bi submissive males in a same-sex male pairing go here. Must only be the bottom/uke kind.

Yuri Ukes Only - Lesbian or Bi submissive males in a same-sex male pairing go here. Must only be the bottom/uke kind.

Yaoi or Yuri Only - Yaoi/Yuri pairings only go here. Can be G-rated or X rated.

Chibis - Any chibis go here, mostly non-sexual chibis.

Stamps - Stamps supporting what the group stands for go here.

Transsexual or Transgender Characters - Actual trans characters only. No futa or cuntboys. Put them in the Herm folder.

Censored Works/18 Mature - Censored works go here. Please abide by dA rules about graphic pornagrpahy.

Herm Only - Futanari or cuntboy characters only.

That is all for now. If anyone has any questions, don't be afraid to ask. We'll gladly answer your questions. :)
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